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Peter Dell, WUDSN and THE!CART Studio


Hello, welcome to another interview-only episode of Antic, the Atari 8-bit podcast.  My name is Randy Kindig and today I’ll be talking with Peter Dell, also known as JAC! on AtariAge.  Peter is the developer of the outstanding WUDSN product for developing Atari 8-bit software and also is the developer of another product called THE!CART Studio, which is used to put software onto the flash cartridge product known as THE!CART.  Peter is doing some amazing work for the Atari 8-bits and I hope you enjoy this interview.


This interview was recorded via Skype on December 21, 2014.



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W. Sean Hennessy


W. Sean Hennessy worked in the Consumer Electronics Division at Atari from April 1982 through March 1984 where he developed Realsports Tennis for the Atari 800 and 5200, and created the version of Centipede for the Atari 5200, and Pengo for the Atari 800 and 5200. He also worked at The Software Machine, a company that was working to create edutainment software for the Atari and other platforms.


This interview took place March 1 2015.

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Scott Adams - Adventure International


Scott Adams is probably best known for his line of text adventures for early personal computers -- including AdventureLand, Pirate Adventure, Mystery Fun House, and many others. He was also the founder of Adventure International, the company that brought Atari users myraid programs, including Preppie!, Rally Speedway, Whomper Stomper, and lots of others. The company also released countless programs for TRS-80, Commodore, Apple ][, and other platforms.


This interview took place March 16 2015.



Scott Adams' web site

Play Scott Adams' adventures on the web

AtariMania's list of Adventure International games

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Michael Katz is a video games industry pioneer. Katz was Marketing Director for New Product Categories at Mattel Toys, where he helped create the portable, hand-held games category with the Auto Race and Mattel Football handheld toys. And he was Vice President of Marketing at Coleco, where he worked on ColecoVision and the Coleco tabletop arcade game line. Then he was president at Epyx, where he oversaw the release of three hits for the Atari 8-bit computers — Pitstop, Jumpman, and Summer Games. He left Epyx for Atari, where he was head of the short-lived entertainment electronics division.(What's electronic entertainment? Think hardware toys like Teddy Ruxpin and Laser Tag.) Later, he was president of Sega Entertainment, where he oversaw the launch of the Sega Genesis.




Coleco Electronic Quarterback commercial  

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Alan Watson was one of the four founding owners of Ozark Softscape, the company that created M.U.L.E. and Seven Cities of Gold for the Atari, both published by Electronic Arts. Ozark also created Cytron Masters which was published by SSI. The company created more games for other platforms, including Heart of Africa, Modem Wars, and Robot Rascals. Alan specialized in interface and graphics code, and he contributed to both M.U.L.E. and Seven Cities.



Alan's September 1981 article in Compute!


Planet M.U.L.E. - play M.U.L.E. Online

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Kathleen O'Brien worked at Shepardson Microsystems, where she wrote the Atari Assembler Editor cartridge, and wrote the floating point routines in Atari BASIC. (Her husband Paul Laughton wrote the rest of Atari BASIC.) She, along with Bill Wilkinson and Paul Laughton, co-founded Optimized Systems Software, where she wrote much of the book “Atari BASIC Source Book”.




Atari BASIC Source Book


Bill Wilkinson interview


Paul Laughton interview

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Hi, everyone, and welcome to another interview-only edition of Antic, the Atari 8-bit computer podcast.  I am Randy Kindig and I will be your host for this interview.  This interview is one that I’ve hinted at on earlier Antic shows and one that I’m very excited to bring to you as it covers a modern upgrade to the Atari 8-bit line.  Dan Winslow and Mark Dusko have been involved in the Atari 8-bit Ethernet Project to bring networking to the 8-bits.  They even produced a cartridge some time back called the Dragon Cart and are considering producing another run of them.  We discuss why they got involved with this project, where it’s going, and how the Atari community can help.  I hope you enjoy it and please let Dan and Mark know if you have an interest in this project and the Dragon Cart.




Atari 8-bit Ethernet Project

Dan is danwinslow on AtariAge

Mark is puppetmark on AtariAge

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Larry Liberty - Atari 5200 Focus Tester


Larry Liberty had what many kids in the '80s would have considered a dream job: focus tester for Atari 5200 games. He tested Space Dungeon and Vanguard when he was around 12 years old. Larry tells Kevin all about it in this short interview.



Play Space Dungeon in your browser


Play Vanguard in your browser

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On this episode of ANTIC the atari 8-bit podcast:

  • Brad gets mad about Kevin’s swap meet finds

  • We discuss the release of source code for Action!, BASIC XL, and Star Raiders

  • ROB (Player/Missile Podcast) fills us in about Atari emulation on the Android

  • Brad gives a technical overview of the Atari 400 and 800 machines

  • Randy tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Atari BASIC but was afraid to ask

  • and we discuss the release of thousands of Atari program screenshots


Links mentioned in this episode:


Recurring Links

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the Atlanta Historical Computing Society

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Midi-Maze software at AtariMania

Midi-Maze cartridge from Lance Ringquist, Video 61 & Atari Sales  

Midi-Mates from Bruce Carso, B&C ComputerVision

Atari networking cartridge from Dan Winslow and Mark Dusko

History of Personal Computing Podcast.  Topic: The Atari 400/800




Atari Party


VCF East X

Midwest Gaming Classic

Atari User

Action! Code Released Discussion

Action! Code

OSS Basic XL 1.02 Source Code

Atari Personal Finance Management System (1981) - complete with software, manuals

2015 10-line BASIC contest

Follow-up to RetroChallenge 2015/01

Functional demo of GOS graphic multi-tasking OS

New “Atari Antics” newspaper - Michael Allard

Issue 4 of Pro(c) available in English


The source code behind microsoft basic for 6502 comes to light

new season of High Score Club on AtariAge

repository dedicated to reverse engineering the classic 1979 game Star Raiders

The Classic-Gaming Bookcast


New at (Wade at Inverse ATASCII)

Old Best Electronics catalog

Lots of new additions of the Atari 8-bit Computer Manuals section - 384 items (from Alpha Shield to Zorro)

4,500 Atari 8-bit screenshots

2,170 more screenshots - from Atari 800 Best Game Pack

Advanced Programming Techniques For Your Atari Including Graphics & Voice Programs By Linda M. Schreiber (programs)

Stone Oakvalley Music Collection (C64 and Amiga music)


Feature Topic - Atari Hardware “In-Depth” (Brad)

highly detailed document on the internal workings of the Atari 8-bit being created by Avery Lee (Phaeron)

Your Atari Computer (YAC)

The Atari 8-Bit FAQ by Michael Current


Atari Emulation on Android (Rob at Player/Missile)

episode 16 of Antic, Atari emulation on iOS by Chris Olsen

Rob’s website

Colleen emulator in the Play store


Planetary Defense


Programming Language Segment - Atari BASIC (Randy)

Atari BASIC Source Book

Atari BASIC Reference Manual

Atari BASIC A Self Teaching Guide

Inside Atari BASIC (PDF)

De Re Atari

Interview with Paul Laughton for ANTIC Interview #1

Interview with Bill Wilkinson for ANTIC Interview #7



article about WAACE and Current Notes from Antic Magazine

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