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Atawi Fowever!!!

In this episode of Antic the Atari 8-bit podcast: Nir Dary talks about the Atari Invasion Show, Tom Raida brings back the programming language segment to talk about Kyan Pascal, we tell you about all the Atari shows going on this year around the world, and in order to head off lawsuits we tell you about all the possible side effects of listening to Antic.


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Possible side effects of listening to the Antic podcast include stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat; drowsiness, dizziness, feeling nervous; mild nausea, upset stomach, constipation; increased appetite, weight changes; insomnia, decreased sex drive, impotence, or difficulty having an orgasm; dry mouth, intense hate of Commodore, and Amiga lust. Certain conditions apply. Offer good for those with approved credit. Member FDIC. An equal housing lender.

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Peter Shankman, Help A Reporter Out

Peter Shankman is a well-known American entrepreneur and author. He was creator of Help A Reporter Out, and author of several business books. He got his start in technology with an Atari 2600 and an Apple ][.

This interview took place on March 20, 2017.

Teaser quote: "What would you change, if you could go back and talk to your 10-year-old self? I wouldn't change a thing. Because the hell that I went through there has led to, pretty much, the majority of the success I've had today, and I'm very very lucky with that. I can trace that back to the Atari, to the 2600, to those games..."

Peter's web site

Peter on Twiiter

Wikipedia on Peter

Faster than Normal podcast

Video version of this interview: 

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Nadav Caine, Mathematic-Tac-Toe

Nadav Caine published one program for the Atari computer: Mathematic-Tac-Toe. This educational program first appeared in the winter 1982-1983 APX catalog.

This interview took place on March 17, 2017.

Teaser quotes:

"Look, my game's lousy. I'm embarrassed even to have a conversation about it."

"All education is self-education. I don't think teachers put knowledge in your head."

Mathematic-Tac-Toe at AtariMania

Mathematic-Tac-Toe in the winter 1982-1983 APX catalog

Quote Blaster - Nadav’s unpublished educational game 

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Bob Woolley, Atari 1200XL hardware hacker

Bob Woolley has been upgrading and modifying Atari 8-bit computers — primarily the 1200XL — since it was released. His hardware products include video output improvements, keyboard repairs, built-in CompactFlash cards, a dual-ANTIC computer, and a parallel bus interface for the 1200XL. Bob was editor of Atari Classics magazine from approximately 1994-1997. He is still active in the San Leandro Computer Club and on the AtariAge forums.

This interview took place on March 14, 2017.

"I actually use the Atari as my computer. I couldn't write any code on one of my PCs. Whereas if I'm going to write code, I do it on the Atari."

Bob on AtariAge

San Leandro Computer Club

Atari Classics Magazine

A Parallel Bus Interface for your 1200XL

1200XL Keyboard Tune-up

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Joe Grande, Monkey Up A Tree

Joe Grande published one program for the Atari computers: Monkey Up A Tree was published by Atari Program Exchange, and first appeared in the winter 1982-1983 APX catalog. 

This interview took place on March 14, 2017.

Monkey Up A Tree in the winter 1982 APX catalog

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David Lubar, Game Developer (PastFinder)

Welcome to another interview episode of Antic the Atari 8-bit computer podcast.

David Lubar was a prolific games software developer who worked for Sirius Software, Activision and Absolute and freelanced for several other companies, including Broderbund, Origin Systems, and Imagineering.  He developed games for many different systems, including game consoles like the Atari 2600 and the NES and computer systems such as the Apple II, C64, and the Atari 400/800.

His titles for the Atari 8-bits include Hacker, Master of the Lamps, Ogre, Pastfinder and Ultima IV.

David has since taken up writing and has several books to his name.

This interview took place April 23, 2016.


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