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Bryan Edewaard

Bryan Edewaard briefly worked with Atari and with ICD.  In 2004, 20 years after the 5200 was cancelled, he wrote the homebrew game "Castle Crisis" and released it on Atari Age for the 5200 and for the 400/800. Castle Crisis is a clone of the arcade game "Warlords".

Bryan lives on a 300 acre farm in Costa Rica with full lodging facilities. He's planning to host classic gaming retreats in the future and welcomes inquiries from people who would like to visit the area. His user name is Bryan on AtariAge or he can be contacted at

I want to apologize for a couple of quality issues that I ran into with this interview.  First of all, I had a cold at the time of the interview and this affected my voice.  Secondly, a Costa Rican rain storm came up during the interview and while I attempted to remove the noise of the rain on the metal roof, it did affect the quality of portions of Bryan’s speech.

This interview was conducted on July 11, 2015.


Atari 5200 Super System review of the video game "Castle Crisis" -

Interview with Bryan on The Atari Times -

Castle Crisis (5200) on AtariAge Store -

Castle Crisis (400/800) on AtariAge Store -

Castle Crisis (8-bit)  on YouTube -

Castle Crisis at AtariMania -


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Jeff Osorio, Atari Manager of Financial Planning and Cost Accounting

Jeff Osorio was Manager of Financial Planning and Cost Accounting at Atari from 1981 through 1984. He was responsible for establishing cost accounting and financial planning functions with a staff of 11 and an annual department budget of more than $1 million.

This interview took place September 22, 2015.

Teaser quotes:

“The one that everybody is always interested in is E.T. And I actually have the distinction of having signed the scrap ticket to write them all off and run them through the crusher.”

“He calls me on Monday morning in a panic, and he goes, ‘Jeffrey, where’s all my stuff? ... I’m at the warehouse and it’s empty. All the stuff is gone.’ ... A 100,000 square foot warehouse that was packed to the gunnels with manufacturing equipment on Friday, and on Monday morning it was empty.”

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Gary Walton, Atari Store Owner and Pirate

Gary Walton owned Discount Video And Computers, a large Atari dealership in Fort Pierce, Florida, and was involved in the Atari software piracy scene. Gary is one of the people who helped me find Glenn the 5200 Man, whom I previously interviewed.

This interview took place on September 12, 2015. The New York Yankees lost both games in its double-header with the Toronto Blue Jays that day.

This interview contains adult language and content.

Teaser quotes:

“One day I call up there and I don’t get ahold of him, instead I get ahold of his mother. And I was like, ‘Yes ma’am, may I please speak with Robert [Jaeger]?’ And she’s like ‘Who are you?!’ ‘I’m a friend of Robert’s.’ ... ‘Are you one of those computer pirates?! You know, these computer pirates are getting Robert in trouble and he’s only 16 years old. He doesn’t need this type of trouble!’ screaming at me.”

“They were accusing him of having robbed more than $150,000 worth of phone services.”

“‘Tell you what we’re going to do. I want you to put your disk collection in one big box. And it better be everything!’ He goes, ‘And I’m going to be by your house in 15 minutes to pick up that box.’”

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Brad Fuller, Composer

Brad Fuller started at Atari as audio engineer in the home computer division, where he composed music and sounds for Superman, Donkey Kong, E.T., Robotron, and other games. Then, in the coin-op division he composed music and sounds for Marble Madness, Klax, S.T.U.N. Runner, Rolling Thunder, Paperboy, Xybots, Blasteroids, 720°, and many other arcade games.

This interview took place September 2, 2015.

Teaser quotes:

“You know, you’d map out: OK, we’re going to start developing in September ... then maybe we can play test and beta. And over here, two years from now, it’ll be fun. This is when it’ll be fun. Well, you can’t plan that.”


Brad’s web site:

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Bill Mensch, 6502 chip

Bill Mensch is co-creator of the 6502 chip, the microprocessor that’s the heart of the Atari 8-bit computers, the Apple ][, Commodore 64, and many other classic computers. 

This interview occurred August 6, 2015.

Teaser quotes:

“These guys at Motorola aren’t going to do the microprocessor that we need to do: that is a low-end microprocessor to complete with the Intel 4040 which sold for about $29.”

“I had a bet with Rod Orgle, and Rod Orgle said the 6501 would outsell the 6502.”

“I’m in empowerment technology. I want to empower people to do their idea. That’s what I did for Chuck [Peddle], that’s why he came to me.”

“Now, you’d think that I was a big fan of Apple, and I’m not. The reason why I’m not is they killed off the Apple II to make room for the Macintosh.”

“All of those old brands — Apple II, Commodore, Atari, and the old Nintendo — could all come back to life, with the right relationships. And we have the technology.”


Bill and Dianne Mensch Foundation:

Western Design Center:

My interview with David Cramer, Western Design Center:

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Keithen Hayenga, 5200 Tempest

Keithen Hayenga worked for both Apple and Atari and was an Apple II and Atari software programmer. While at Atari, Keithen worked on RealSports Baseball and several other unpublished projects such as Tempest for the Atari 5200, which he later completed and is currently available on AtariAge.

Teaser Quote

“Their answer was of course ‘well we had Keithen, the best in the business’.  So, it’s like, I was ALMOST in a movie!”


5200 Tempest at AtariAge

Information on the Unfinished 5200 Tempest Prototype at

Keithen Interview at Good Deal Games

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On this episode of ANTIC the atari 8-bit podcast: we talk about the release of the Star Raiders source code, how to set up an Atari club of your own, and lust over the 1400XL and 815 dual floppy drive.

Don’t forget, we have a contest going this month!  Whoever transcribes the most ANTIC interviews from 11/1/15 to 11/30/15 will win a Defender cartridge for the Atari 400/800/XL/XE computers signed by none other than Steve Baker, the person who converted the game from the arcade version!  Check with Kevin ( to see what interviews need to be transcribed.

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