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Steve Davis, Director of Advanced Research


Steve Davis worked in Atari’s advanced research lab under Alan Kay, for 5 or 6 years, where he worked on several skunkworks projects including a laserdisc player controlled by an Atari 800,

an Atari 800-based local area network, and artificial intelligence projects.


This interview occurred May 11, 2015.


Teaser quote:


“I winded around the building, there was nobody there. ... I opened up this one door and there was, like, hundreds of people partying. With party hats on. I called the guy in New York and said ‘This doesn’t look good.’”

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This is an interview episode of Antic, the Atari 8-bit podcast.  I’m Randy Kindig and in this interview I sat down with one of the members of the core design team at Cyan Engineering for such projects as the Atari 2600 and the 8-bit computers, Mr. Ron Milner.

Ron is currently President of Applied Design Laboratories, but from 1973-1984, as an employee of Atari Inc, he worked at the Grass Valley Think Tank (also known as Cyan Engineering) where they did some amazing stuff, as you’ll hear in this interview.  Ron was involved in many pivotal technologies in video games and home computers and was co-inventor of the Atari 2600 video game system.


This interview took place on May 16, 2015.


Teaser Quotes


“Our group worked on just a lot of other projects relating to the home computer line.”


“You know, it didn’t have to work, but if it looked like it might we looked into it.”


“This is Ron Milner and I was one of the early Atari engineers at Atari’s secret think tank in the mountains pioneering many of the projects with my associates and you’re listening to the Antic podcast.”




Ron’s Web Site


Atari's Cyan Engineering - Splendor in the Grass documentary

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Joe Villalobos, Materials Planner for Atari


Boxes! Your Atari computers and game cartridges came in boxes! Someone was responsible for producing those boxes. Joe was the guy.


Joe Villalobos was materials planner at Atari in El Paso, Texas from 1980 – 1982. He was responsible for the planning and expediting of materials used in the production of video game cartridges.


This interview took place on May 6, 2015.

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Ed Rotberg, Rotberg Synthesizer


Ed Rotberg worked programmer in Atari’s coin-op division, where he worked on Atari Baseball, Battlezone, Blasteroids, Hard Drivin’, and other coin-op games. He consulted for the Atari consumer side, where he created demos for the Atari 800 — including working on the music for the in-store demo — and the Rotberg Synthesizer music software.


Check the show notes for downloads of the Rotberg Synthesizer and Rotberg Scrolling Marquee software (which I acquired and uploaded after this interview took place.)


This interview took place April 28, 2015.


Teaser quote:


“My good friend Dan Pliskin wrote a tune called Disco Dirge that we programmed into the earliest version of the Rotberg Synthesizer to play at the bachelor party, as kind of a joke. Because Chris who was getting married was a disco fan, he was a disco buff and we all *hated* disco.”




Rotberg’s sound article in Antic magazine


Article at


Version of the same article in Softside


Rotberg Scrolling Marquee


Rotberg Synthesizer

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On this episode of ANTIC the atari 8-bit podcast: Randy delves into Altirra BASIC, there’s another podcast to dilute our listenership, Kevin reports back from KansasFest, and there’s lots of new Atari stuff to download at


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Hello, and welcome to a very special interview-only episode of Antic, the Atari 8-bit podcast.  I am Randy Kindig, one of your hosts for this podcast.  I say “special” because it’s not often that you get a chance to talk with an icon like the one we talk with today.  Kevin Savetz and myself were given the chance to sit down, so to speak, with “Mr. Atari” Nolan Bushnell and spend a few minutes shooting the breeze.  If you need any more introduction for this guest, then you’re probably listening to the wrong podcast.  In fact, he’s one of those guys that can go by a single name “Nolan” and everyone in the Atari community knows who you’re talking about.


Before we get to the interview, I want to thank the Atari community on the AtariAge forums for suggesting questions for Nolan.  When we put out a request for questions, who knew we would get such a large and varied response.  Regrettably, we only had time for some of them.  Many of you will recognize the questions that you submitted and we are very grateful for your help.  I also want to thank Marty Goldberg for his suggestions and guidance as someone who has talked with Nolan in the past.


This interview was conducted on July 30, 2015.


Teaser Quotes:


“wouldn't it have been fun if Atari had owned the Internet?”


“Did you regret selling it?  Every day of my life!”


“Ray Kassar? Oh, he was a disaster.”


“Warner didn't want to have anything to do with me.  They felt that if I was back in and made a success of it it would make them look stupid.”

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Jon Freeman


Jon Freeman was co-founder of the computer game publisher Automated Simulations, which became EPYX. At Automated Simulations, he co-created Starfleet Orion and Gateway to Apshai. Then he and his wife Anne Westfall started the game development company FreeFall Associates, where they created Tax Dodge, Archon, Archon II, and Murder on the Zinderneuf.


This interview took place April 21, 2015.


Teaser quotes:


“That six months, I read two books in six months, and we went to one movie. The rest of the time we we just working on the game. That’s all we did. It was very, you know, intense.”


“You know, I could just basically flip that switch every VBI and have the computer play itself. That turned out to be one of the absolutely huge selling points of [Archon]. Stores could put it in the window, get it started, and let it run.”




Free Fall Games web site


Free Fall Associates chapter in Halcyon Days


Tax Dodge


1984 article about Free Fall

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ANTIC Special Episode - Atari Summer Camp


Let's go to Atari Summer Camp! A special episode.




Today Show clip


The Magic Room Movie


The Magic Room Trailer


ANTIC magazine article


Atari Connection article


Bob Kahn's Atari Special Projects page


Atari Computer Camps curriculum, software, and ephemera

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Lloyd Speyer, Batteries Included

Lloyd Speyer worked for Batteries Included from 1983 to 1987, where he worked with Commodore PETs, 64, Apple ][, Macintosh, as well as the Atari 800. He built hardware dongles, demonstrated products in the retail store, and worked in quality assurance, where he beta tested PaperClip and HomePak.

This interview was conducted April 27, 2015.

Teaser quote:

“The Atari version and the Commodore 64 version [of PaperClip] were completely different, even though we said ‘These are the commands we want. This is what we need.’ Steve [Ahlstrom] and Dan [Mppre] decided that they wanted to take the product in a different direction because the Atari could do a little bit more. . . It actually came out to be a really, really nice product.”

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