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ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast

hosts: Randy Kindig, Kevin Savetz, Brad Arnold
twitter: @AtariPodcast


May 20, 2018

Youth Advisory Board: Anneke Wyman
This is the second episode in a series of interviews with the kids of Atari's Youth Advisory Board. 
In 1982-1983, Atari invited 20 kids, aged 14-18, to be on its new Youth Advisory Board. Atari was looking for well-rounded, computer-literate kids, with equal representation of...

May 17, 2018

Youth Advisory Board: Kerrie Holton and Tina Bartschat
This is the first in a series of episodes featuring interviews with the kids of Atari's Youth Advisory Board. 
In 1983, Atari formed a Youth Advisory Board, selecting 20 teenagers from around the United States to share their opinions, test new software, and...

May 14, 2018

Hal Segal, Association of Time-Sharing Users
Hal Segal was founder and president of the Association of Time-Sharing Users, and the Association of Small Computer Users, and several other groups dedicated to early computer systems. The Association of Time-Sharing Users was formed in 1974: it published a newsletter,...

May 11, 2018

Steve Englehart, Atari Advanced Games Group
Steve Englehart worked in the Advanced Games Group of Atari, where he developed ideas for new computer games. He was the designer of E.T. Phone Home!, Final Legacy, and Garfield for the Atari 8-bit machines, and worked on several unfinished games. He wrote the manual for...

May 7, 2018

Jack Smyth, The Learning Company and Add-On Software
Jack Smyth was the first CEO of The Learning Company, the educational software publisher best known for Reader Rabbit and Rocky's Boots. He was also involved with Add-On Software, a company that sold CP/M software for several computer platforms, including the Atari...