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Dec 29, 2015

Peter J. Meyer - Tempest Xtreem, Venture, Delta Space Arena

The intro music to this episode is the tune “Mind’s Eye” from the Atari XL/XE version of Tempest Xtreem; composed by Sal KJMANN Esquivel.  Our guest for this interview is the author of Tempest Xtreem, as well as Delta Space Arena and Venture for the Atari 8-bits, Mr. Peter J. Meyer.  Peter has done a great job of developing game software for the Atari in the modern era and continues to develop additional software.  His software is available at Video 61 and Atari Sales, run by Lance Ringquist.  Please enjoy the interview and let Peter know you appreciate the work he continues to do for the Atari 8-bits.

Teaser Quote:

“I was on my Atari and my friends brought over this Nintendo system and they said ‘Oh, your Atari will never be able to do anything like this!’”


Video 61 and Atari Sales -

Delta Space Arena at YouTube -

Tempest Xtreem Music (Mind’s Eye) by Sal Esquivel -

Tempest Xtreem at YouTube -

Download of Tempest Xtreem -

Venture at YouTube -

Antic Episode 26 with Bill’s Modern Segment on Tempest, Venture, Delta Space Arena -