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May 13, 2015

Steve Carden, RealDOS


Steve Carden maintains RealDOS, a free, command-line DOS that's multiplexer capable, and still being actively maintained to work with modern hardware.  He also works on a variety of hardware products, some of which are available to Atari hobbyists, and some of which aren't. Steve also helped take over maintenance of BBS Express from Keith Ledbetter.


This interview took place February 27, 2015.



Steve's web site


Teaser quotes:


"Just the fact that we have an Atari, that was never designed to be on the Internet, OK? -- NEVER designed to be on the Internet -- on the Internet."


"Anybody who has an XE keyboard, sooner or later is going to have a keyboard failure. At least that's been my run-in with them."