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Jul 4, 2018

Stephen Romejko: APX Melt-Down, Moon Marauder
Stephen Romejko published two games through Atari Program Exchange: Melt-Down and Moon Marauder. Melt-Down was first available in the winter 1982-1983 APX catalog. Moon Marauder was first available in the fall 1983 APX catalog, where it won third prize in the consumer category.
This interview took place on April 14, 2018.
"Melt-Down was causing some special issues ... Apparently the American Nuclear Society took offense to it. ... 'People would develop harmful misconceptions and phobias about the peaceful use of nuclear power.'"
Melt-Down in the winter 1982-1983 APX catalog
Moon Marauder in the fall 1983 APX catalog
AtariMania's list of Stephen's games