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Mar 17, 2017

Bob Woolley, Atari 1200XL hardware hacker

Bob Woolley has been upgrading and modifying Atari 8-bit computers — primarily the 1200XL — since it was released. His hardware products include video output improvements, keyboard repairs, built-in CompactFlash cards, a dual-ANTIC computer, and a parallel bus interface for the 1200XL. Bob was editor of Atari Classics magazine from approximately 1994-1997. He is still active in the San Leandro Computer Club and on the AtariAge forums.

This interview took place on March 14, 2017.

"I actually use the Atari as my computer. I couldn't write any code on one of my PCs. Whereas if I'm going to write code, I do it on the Atari."

Bob on AtariAge

San Leandro Computer Club

Atari Classics Magazine

A Parallel Bus Interface for your 1200XL

1200XL Keyboard Tune-up

Kevin Lund
over seven years ago

About the San Leandro newsletter Journals mentioned in this interview, we are finding some lost issues, and cleaning up the currently scanned isues. When ready we will be very glad to upload them to, Atarimania, and AtariAge. I am currently working on teh accompanying Disk of the Month copy project to ATR format. Then will be moving on to the newsletters from other usergroups. Please email with questions or comments.