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Apr 12, 2016

John Crane, RPN Calculator Simulator

John Crane published one Atari program, through Atari Program Exchange: RPN Calculator Simulator. The program first appeared in the Spring 1982 APX catalog, where it was awarded second prize in the business and professional applications category. 

John was also one of the founders of the Bay Area Atari Users Group, and did some software evaluation for Atari Program Exchange.

This interview took place on January 31, 2016.

Teaser quote:

"He [Steve Wozniak] introduced all of us to his demonstration about his Apple -- what would become the Apple I. I saw his demonstration and I go, 'Oh, that is very cool.'"

"I had what I used to call the bash and bang test. I'd load up the program on an Atari 800 or 1200 or whatever I happend to have at the time, and as the program was running I would just start pounding on the keys at random, just taking my fists and just banging on the keyboard."