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May 21, 2015

Nicholas Lefevre, Attorney for Commodore and Atari


Nicholas Lefevre was in-house counsel for Commodore under Jack Tramiel during the time of the Commodore 64, then in-house counsel for Atari after Jack Tramiel bought it.


This interview took place April 10, 2015.


Teaser quotes:


"Particularly with Jack Tramiel, he was willing to give you enough rope to hang yourself. He was not a micromanager."


"At one point I think we had 160 or so collection lawsuits against us in the initial Atari years."


"I think really happily back on my Commodore times, less so on the Atari ones."


"When you made a computer, made it cheap, shipped it out, and sold it, that was perfect for Jack."


Nicholas Lefevre listened to his interview and send along these corrections to his statements:


"I did notice a couple errors in what I said which could be in an errata but they are probably not significant enough. At the beginning of my discussion of the Microsoft Multiplan story I introduced it by saying these things happened in 1984. Most of it was in 1983. Only the meeting at Softcon with John Shirley and Bill Gates was in 1984, after Jack's departure from Commodore. I also said that our claim was for $24M x 3. I think it was actually for $8M x 3 (total $24M)."