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Apr 16, 2022

Anthony Ramos: Parrot, Creepy Caverns

Anthony Dandrea is better known to Atari computer enthusiasts as Anthony Ramos.

Anthony programmed Creepy Caverns, a type-in BASIC game that was published in Antic magazine's August 1984 issue. Anthony also created the software for Parrot, a $40 4-bit sound sampler and playback package that was marketed by Alpha Systems.

In this interview, we discuss George Morrison of Alpha Systems, and Peter Langston of LucasArts, both of whom I have previously interviewed.

This interview took place on April 8, 2022.

Creepy Caverns in Antic magazine

Discape Atari 8-bit Demo

Discape disk image

"Talk is Cheap" by Ed Stuart in Antic magazine

Parrot manual

Parrot review in Antic magazine

Creepy Caverns with sampled audio

Parrot Christmas demo

Anthony's Conway's Game of Life

Anthony on AtariAge

ANTIC Interview 367 - George Morrison, Alpha Systems

ANTIC Interview 126 - Peter Langston, LucasArts

Ground Kontrol arcade

1984 article in Lorain Journal

This interview on YouTube