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May 12, 2019

Roy Goldman, Daisy-Dot
Roy Goldman was the creator of Daisy-Dot, a typesetting program for the Atari 8-bit computers which he published from about 1987-1990. There were three versions of Daisy-Dot, the original plus Daisy-Dot II and Daisy-Dot III. The earliest version was freeware, and later versions asked for payment for access to special features.
This interview took place on May 11, 2019. After we talked, Roy sent me scans of memorabilia from that time, see the links below for those.
Roy's Daisy-Dot Memorabilia scans
Roy's Software on AtariMania
Compactor Detector
Roy's (old) site describing Daisy-Dot
Inverse ATASCII podcast review and screenshots
Daisy-Dot II review in Antic magazine
Daisy-Dot III review in Antic magazine
Programming with Daisy-Dot fonts in Atari Classics magazine