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Oct 15, 2017

Jim Schuyler, Founder of DesignWare
Jim Schuyler was Founder of DesignWare. Founded in 1980, Designware created educational software that was published by other companies — including SRA, Xerox, and Spinnaker — as well as software that it published under its own label. Designware's titles included Creature Creator, Grammar Examiner, Mission: Algebra, Spellicopter, and Trap-a-Zoid, among others. Jim programmed Story Machine himself, which was published by Spinnaker Software. Designware was acquired by PeachTree in 1984.
In preparation for this interview, Jim wrote a seven-part article on his blog about DesignWare's pre-history, story, and legacy
This interview took place on September 11, 2017. In it, we discuss Peter Rosenthal, David Seuss, and Bill Bowman, all of whom I previously interviewed. 
The intro and outro music is Confusion Reigns, composed by Jim Schuyler. 
A video version of this interview is also available. 
Peter Rosenthal interview
David Seuss interview
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