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Sep 28, 2017

Dan Reinhart, Yahtman
Dan Reinhart published one program for the Atari 8-bit computers: Yahtman, a Yahtzee-style game that was published by Atari Program Exchange. Yahtman first appeared in the winter 1982-1983 APX catalog.
This interview took place on August 28, 2017. In it, we discuss Paul Cubbage, whom I previously interviewed.
"Paul [Cubbage] had said, 'You know, you have good potential at this sort of thing but you really need to choose: are you going to keep building earth movers and equipment? Or do you want to live in programming and doing games?' ... And as it turns out, I chickened out."
Download Yahtman from Atarimania
Yahtman in the winter 1982-1983 APX catalog
Paul Cubbage interview