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Jul 4, 2017

Robert Veline, Astro Pyrotechnics

The July/August 1987 issue of ST-Log magazine has an article by Matthew Stern called "Atari Sets Off Fireworks!" It features an interview with Robert Veline of Astro Pryrotechnics, a California-based fireworks company. I'll read some snippets from the article. ...
I found Robert — who is still in the pyrotechnics industry today — to get more of the story. This interview took place on June 2, 2017.
Thanks to Wade at the 1632 Atari ST PodcaST for pointing me to the article in ST-Log magazine.
After our interview, Robert sent me pictures of his Atari-based firing box -- as well as all of the software for running it, the assembly language source code, Old Mother Hubbard's GCHIP Cook Book, his fireworks simulation software, and more.
Teaser quote: "We did have one or two shows where you plugged the box in and turned it on -- and it was a 10-second show."
Atari Sets Off Fireworks! in July/August ST-Log Magazine
Robert's pictures, source code, and discussion
Permanent version at
1632 Atari ST PodcaST
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