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Mar 29, 2016

Art Prag: Mapware, Starware, and Astrology


Art Prag, along with Harry Koons, published three programs with Atari

Program Exchange: Mapware, Starware, and Astrology. Harry Koons died

in 2005.


Mapware first appeared in the fall 1981 APX catalog, where it won

second place in the personal interest and development category. “With

the MAPWARE programs you can create a wide variety of high-resolution

world maps. MAPWARE already contains 9,000 pairs of geographic

coordinates for locating main land masses and islands on Earth. These

maps are useful for such applications as games and simulations,

tracking satellites, pointing amateur radio antennas, and teaching

geography and cartography.” The program came on two disks and cost



Starware first appeared in the spring 1982 APX catalog, on disk for

$17.95. “With STARWARE you can explore the heavens by way of your

Atari home computer. STARWARE displays the stars on your TV screen ...

Its 900 star coordinates accurately locate all the constellations in

both hemispheres.”


Astrology first appeared in the summer 1982 catalog, a program for

creating astrological charts. “With ASTROLOGY, the mysteries of the

zodiac, planetary positioning, natal charts, and rising signs will

unfold in your very own living room.” It cost $22.95.


This interview took place on January 30, 2016.