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Aug 19, 2015

Ed Rotberg, Rotberg Synthesizer


Ed Rotberg worked programmer in Atari’s coin-op division, where he worked on Atari Baseball, Battlezone, Blasteroids, Hard Drivin’, and other coin-op games. He consulted for the Atari consumer side, where he created demos for the Atari 800 — including working on the music for the in-store demo — and the Rotberg Synthesizer music software.


Check the show notes for downloads of the Rotberg Synthesizer and Rotberg Scrolling Marquee software (which I acquired and uploaded after this interview took place.)


This interview took place April 28, 2015.


Teaser quote:


“My good friend Dan Pliskin wrote a tune called Disco Dirge that we programmed into the earliest version of the Rotberg Synthesizer to play at the bachelor party, as kind of a joke. Because Chris who was getting married was a disco fan, he was a disco buff and we all *hated* disco.”




Rotberg’s sound article in Antic magazine


Article at


Version of the same article in Softside


Rotberg Scrolling Marquee


Rotberg Synthesizer