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Jun 5, 2015

Cassie Maas, Atari Marketing and Tech Support


Cassie Maas started at Atari as a sales order processing clerk; then as a member of the marketing team, she evaluated new product ideas; then she worked in technical support, where she was the high-end technical support for word processing, and managed a BBS for user groups. She contributed to the 1984 book "InfoWorld's Essential Guide to Atari" and wrote for Antic magazine and Infoworld.


This interview occurred on April 6 and April 14 2015. Check the show notes to see the letter to Spencer Villwock that we discuss, plus links to her Atari writing.



http://i.imgur.comCassie's letter to Spenserp5IW6MC.jpg


InfoWorld's Essential Guide to Atari


Cassie's articles in Antic magazine


Teaser quotes:


“I was really excited about the computer and I said, ‘Do you think I could get a job there?’ He laughed and snorted... Within a year I not only had a job at Atari, I had his job.”


“I’m not accepting your resignation. You’re going to be laid off like everybody else, on Friday, with a severance package!”


“That place was a fiasco. That place was just - woah! Money was being spent willy-nilly on all kinds of crazy things. People were sleeping with each other. People were cheating on their spouses. I mean, just crazy, crazy stuff went on.”

“So inside I’m totally freaking out, I’m this young kid, I don’t know, am I in really serious trouble? Am I breaking the law?”