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Dec 10, 2017

Tay Vaughan, Atari Connection and Antic magazines
Tay Vaughan used Atari computers in his school for maritime skills and as a marine surveyor. He was featured in that capacity in a 1983 Atari catalog "Atari Home Computers — The Next Generation." Next, he was hired by Atari and was an editor of The Atari Connection magazine, where he wrote the Bits & Pieces column. Later, Tay was senior editor at Antic magazine, and he edited the book The Best of Atari Software, published by Consumer's Guide.
In this interview, we discuss Ted Richards and Jim Capparell, whom I have previously interviewed. 
This interview took place on December 4, 2017.
"Those guys came to the school, the Atari marketing people, and said 'we'd like to give you a couple of computers to let your students play with them and so forth. In exchange, we'll come and take some pictures and maybe use you for marketing."
Tay Vaughan in Atari computer catalog
Tay's web site
Bits and Pieces
Tay's articles in Antic magazine 
Interview with Ted Richards
Interview with Jim Capparell
The Best Atari Software book