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ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast

hosts: Randy Kindig, Kay Savetz, Brad Arnold
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Jul 8, 2017

Claus Buchholz and Lance Ward, ACE-80

Hello.  Welcome to an interview-only episode of ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Computer Podcast.  I am Randy Kindig.  In 1985, Claus Buchholz and Lance Ward released the ACE-80 and ACE-80XL cartridges, which gave 80-column text capability to the Atari 800 and XL computers, respectively.  These were released through their newly-formed company, Amiable Computer Products.  Claus also developed a 256K upgrade for the Atari 800XL and wrote an article on converting Atari computer programs to the 5200.

This interview took place on April 8, 2017.