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May 31, 2017

Amy Chen: Touch Typing, Amoeba Debugger, De Re Atari
Amy Liu was an progammer at Atari. Her name was Amy Chen at the time. She wrote Touch Typing, which was released by Atari on cassette in 1980; an unreleased game called Aligator; and Amoeba, a debugger utility that was used internally at Atari to create assembly language games.
This interview took place on May 2, 2017. It in, we talk about Paul Laughton and Lane Winner, and Chris Crawford, whom I previously interviewed. 
Teaser quote: "Well actually now I come to think of it, assembly language is easier than C++. ... C++ is a total different concept.”
Touch Typing at AtariMania
De Re Atari Appendix C on The Atari Cassette
Amoeba debugger discussion
Paul Laughton interview
Lane Winner interview
Chris Crawford interview