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Jan 14, 2017

Paul Cubbage, Atari Program Exchange

Paul Cubbage was Director of Atari Program Exchange. There, he was head of reviewing software submissions and publishing the APX catalog. He worked at Atari from April 1981 through January 1984.

This interview took place on October 3, 2016.

Teaser quotes:

"First catalog, we went around and found every last utility or piece of software that we could put out there, unashamedly."

"People used to complain about our royalty and I'd say 'Go to a flea market and sell [your software] off the back of your station wagon. The royalty is the royalty. I know it's not much."

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Mark Reid
almost seven years ago

Hey Paul,

You probably don't remember, but I really enjoyed meeting you in the fall of 1982. We had already been corresponding for a year at that point. Here are some pics as a memory jogger and also shows your title at that time.

Best regards,
Mark Reid

Paul Cubbaage
almost seven years ago

Thanks for the interview. I was not the Director of APX. I don't remember my title but Gred Thorlin might.