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Jan 6, 2017

Steve Ahlstrom: SynFile+ and PaperClip

Steve Ahlstrom was half of The 4th Works, with Dan Moore. Together they programmed SynFile+, which was published by Synapse; and PaperClip, published by Batteries Included. The team also created BackTalk, a telecommunications program; and Sherlock, a disk sector editor utility.

This interview took place on October 4, 2016.

Teaser quote: "What's weird is, every now and then -- and this is, what, 40 years later -- I still get a random e-mail asking me for support for Sherlock or for SynFile, which is kind of strange."

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Inverse ATASCII on SynFile+:

Steve Ahlstrom
almost six years ago

Clarification - Dan I and did not create a relational database -- SynFile+ was a glorified data manager.