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Nov 19, 2016

Paul Berker: Adventure in Time and Birth of the Phoenix

Paul Berker was a programmer for Phoenix Software, where he coded Birth of the Phoenix and Adventure In Time, which were both released for the Apple II and Atari 8-bit computers; and Queen of Phobos, which was released on the Apple II only. 

This interview took place on September 30, 2016. After the interview, Paul sent me several floppy disks with the Apple II and Atari source code for Birth of the Phoenix and Adventure In Time. 

"Got an advance of like $2,000, and spent it all just acquiring an Atari 800 with two floppy drives..."

Source code courtesy of Paul

Video version of this interview:

AtariMania's list of Phoenix Software games

Gaming After 40 Walkthough of Birth of The Phoenix

Paul's web site: