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Mar 25, 2015

Scott Adams - Adventure International


Scott Adams is probably best known for his line of text adventures for early personal computers -- including AdventureLand, Pirate Adventure, Mystery Fun House, and many others. He was also the founder of Adventure International, the company that brought Atari users myraid programs, including Preppie!, Rally Speedway, Whomper Stomper, and lots of others. The company also released countless programs for TRS-80, Commodore, Apple ][, and other platforms.


This interview took place March 16 2015.



Scott Adams' web site

Play Scott Adams' adventures on the web

AtariMania's list of Adventure International games

over nine years ago

Great interview of a true pioneer of the software industry.

Michael Mulhern
over nine years ago

Love it, love iy, love it. So Good I had to link to the episode in the Apple2 Enthusiasts Facebook group.