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Jul 21, 2016

Ray Citak, music education software

Ray Citak wrote Name the Notes, a music education program that was accepted

by Atari Program Exchange, and won an APX award, but never appeared in the

APX catalog. (The program is, as far as we know, lost to the sands of

time.)  He also wrote the program Keyed Up, "a music education program

disguised as a goofy game," which appeared in Antic magazine, and Lightning

Renumber, an automatic line numbering program that was published in

Compute! magazine.


This interview took place on January 30, 2016.


Teaser quote: "The trick to learning, of course, was knowing the computer.

Of course, I just devoured books on what the computer could do and what its

capabilities were when you plugged in different values in different places."



Keyed Up in ANTIC magazine:

Ray's articles in Compute!: