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Feb 25, 2015

Gardner Pomper was president and co-founder of Games Computers Play. Games Computers Play was almost certainly the first graphical online service (except for maybe PLATO, depending on how you're counting). It was devoted exclusively to interactive, multi-player games, and it was only for Atari computers. You probably didn't get a chance to use Games Computers Play -- it only managed to get about 1,000 subscribers at its peak. But you may have seen the colorful, enticing advertisement that they ran in the Atari magazines, or read the article about the service in Antic magazine.

A word about the source code mentioned in the interview: they haven’t found it yet, but they believe they have it and are still looking. we’ll let you know here if and when they uncover it.

This interview took place January 28, 2015 over Skype.


Antic Magazine article about GCP

Games Computers Play Magazine ad

AtariAge discussion about GCP


Kevin Savetz
seven and a half years ago

Update: We have learned that Gardner Pomper died on November 12, 2016.