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May 4, 2016

Marcin Sochacki, SIO2BT

Marcin Sochacki, also known as Montezuma on AtariAge, is originally from Poland and currently lives in Germany.   In recent years he developed theSIO2BT, or SIO to Bluetooth for the Atari computer line.  This hardware allows you to connect your Atari to your modern computer,tablet, or smartphone to share files.  Mar-TEEN also developed the NVC (Next Valid Character) software, a tool for organizing files on SD cards for SIO2SD.  And, if that weren’t enough, he also developed the Megacart Studio PC software, a tool for the 512k and 4MB Flash MegaCart Module.  The Megacart Studio generates a ROM and bootable ATR files that are used to flash the MegaCart modules.

This interview was conducted onNovember 22, 2015.


1) "SIO2BT" project (1st place in the ABBUC Hardware Contest 2014)

Google Play

Google Drive

Ordering Thread on AtariAge

This project is still being developed (and got recently new TCP/IP networking functionality).

2) "NVC" PC software (in Java)for effectively working with SIO2SD

Not spread out that much, but really usefully for all RETRO freaks (not only ATARI).

3) "Megacart Studio" PC software(in Java) for "Flash Megacart" cartridge project

In a few episodes you mentionedRaspberry Pi and you wondered how could it be married with the8-bit ATARI:


It was one of my small projects to use a Raspberry Pi as a floppy emulator (with AspeQt).

The idea to use a RPI as anATARI emulator is nice, as well. Especially if you build your own(mini) Arcade Cabinet for it

This is a nice manual about connecting a real joystick to the RPI

And if do not have time, but have some free money, some guys are selling a ready RPI Arcadekit