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Mar 18, 2016

Mike Potter: Protector II, Shadow World, Nautilus, Chicken

Mike Potter ported several Apple II games to the Atari 8-bit computers

for Crystalware, including Protector. He later developed five programs

for Synapse Software: Protector, Protector II, Chicken, Nautilus and

Shadow World — in a one year period, with the combined sales of 93,000



In this interview we discuss Steve Hales and Ihor Wolosenko, both of

whom I previously interviewed. This interview took place October 22,



Teaser quote:

"Let's see, I got married in '84, and my brother-in-law had every

single one of my games pirated. And I was like, 'What? You have all my



AtariMania's list of Mike's games -

Mike’s web site, includes history and videos of people playing the Atari titles -