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Feb 16, 2016

Jerry Jewell, co-founder of Sirius Software

Jerry Jewell was co-founder of Sirius Software. Sirius published many Atari titles including Alpha Shield, Capture the Flag, Fast Eddie, Gruds in Space, Sneakers, Wavy Navy, and Wayout. The company was probably best known in the Apple ][ world, but also published software for the Commodore and other platforms - more than 160 titles in all.

This interview took place October 15, 2015.

Teaser quotes:

"In the latter days it got down to where a game would sell for two weeks, three weeks, and then it would die."

"It was like the boys hadn't discovered girls yet and my job was to keep them from doing that ... Whatever it took to keep these guys off the streets and away from alcohol and women, it would keep them busy, you know? Keep them programming."

On-Line and Sirius Finalize Merge Plans:

AtariMania's list of Sirius software for Atari: