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Jan 5, 2016

Russ Wetmore: Preppie!, Sea Dragon, Homepak

Russ Wetmore started at Adventure International, where he worked with Scott Adams on Savage Island Part II. He then went on to program Preppie!, Preppie! II, and Sea Dragon - all of which were published by Adventure International - and Homepak business software, which was published by Batteries Included.

This interview took place on September 24, 2015, and then a little bit more on January 4, 2016. 

After the main interview took place, Russ sent me the source code for Preppie!, Preppie! II, and Sea Dragon, plus an demonstration disk of an unfinished Atari game called Lulu. I successfully archived all of those disks and have posted them to I also made a YouTube video of the Lulu demo. Links are below.


Game source code

Video of Lulu

Lulu discussion and ATR download

AtariMania list of Russ Wetmore software

JavaScript version of Preppie

AtariAge discussion about the source code

Teaser quote:

“I actually only spent about 18 months writing those three games, and I probably would have done them in much sooner time, but I was 23 and lazy.”

Mariano Dominguez
eight and a half years ago

Awesome episode ! .. even my gramma liked the music when I was playing preppie.