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Dec 8, 2015

Courtney Goodin, Compu=Prompt teleprompter

Compu=Prompt was the first electronic, personal computer based teleprompter, which ran off of an Atari 800XL computer. It was created by Courtney Goodin, who won an Emmy award for it, for “Pioneering Development in Electronic Prompting.”

He also created the Atari graphics programs Color Print and Graphic Master, both of which were distributed by Datasoft.

This interview took place on December 4, 2015.

Teaser Quotes:

“This software is probably one of the most expensive pieces of software sold that ran on the Atari.”

“We sold systems to companies like IBM, we sold to JC Penney, we sold them to the Defense Intelligence Agency - the government.”


Photos of the device from the eBay listing:

Device on eBay


1984 InfoWorld article mentioning Compu=Prompt

Antic magazine article about Color Print and Graphic Master: