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ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast

hosts: Randy Kindig, Kay Savetz, Brad Arnold
twitter: @AtariPodcast
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Jul 21, 2015

On this episode of ANTIC the atari 8-bit podcast:

  • We offer a library’s worth of geeky reading material, and - -  did we just start a book club?

  • Randy delves into another programming language

  • We talk about a couple of competitions that will give you something to do through these summer months

Recurring Links

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What we’ve been up to

Ready Player One

Southern Fried Gameroom Expo

Dorsett digitizing

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Stuff Kevin has scanned


Interview Discussion

Atari interview discussion thread on AtariAge



Ancient Atari classics to be reworked as 'graphic novels'

ATARI GAMER Limited Printed Edition OUT NOW

New book from Evan Koblentz - "Abacus to Smartphone, The evolution of mobile and portable computers"

Pixels Movie

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New at

Official Hint Book for Scott Adams adventures 1-12

GDC 2015: Howard Scott Warshaw - "Classic Game Postmortem: Yars' Revenge"

3 Centro Atari newsletters in Portuguese from Chile

Atari 822 Operators Manual

Atari 400 Home Computer 48K RAM Expansion Kit Installation Instructions

Atari 820 Printer Field Service Manual

Atari CX 5200 Retail Demonstrator Field Service Manual


Feature - Turbo BASIC XL


Atari 8-bit Pages with original Turbo BASIC articles (German)

Page 6  - DS#20 - Turbo Basic Support

Page 6 - DS#105 - Turbo BASIC Programmer’s Kit

Page 6 - DS#6 - Turbo BASIC/Turbo Compiler

AtariAge discussion of Turbo BASIC

Turbo BASIC Expanded Documentation by Ron Fetzer

How to Compile Turbo BASIC Programs Video (English/Polish) by Bronislav Tyf Haluza

ATR image of Turbo-Basic 1.5 and 1.4

Extended TBXL (download)


Bill’s Modern Segment

Wikipedia article on 1986 "The Great Escape" video game

Atari 8-bit port of “The Great Escape” - thread at AtariAge forums

cc65 homepage

Poker Solitaire CC65

Original Action! “Gem Drop” game for Atari

C port for Windows, Mac, Linux ("Gem Drop X")

Floppy Days #41, Jason Scott, "Every Computer in Your Browser"


Hardware of the Month

Edladdin controllers


Website of the Month

Atari 8-bit Forever


End of Show Music

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