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ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast

hosts: Randy Kindig, Kay Savetz, Brad Arnold
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Jun 23, 2014

On this episode of Antic, the Atari 8-bit Podcast: interviews with Fred Thorlin, former director of Atari Program Exchange; Bill Kendrick, father of Atari Party; and William Culver, co-host of the Colecovisions podcast . . . plus . . . will Atari be a hardware giant again?


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almost ten years ago

Listened to this episode. Great interview with Mr. Thorlin. In the interview he talks about having Steve Ross's son work for him at APX. There is a documentary called Once in a Lifetime about the Cosmos soccer team. In the documentary, there is an interview with Steve Ross's son. I was curious if this was the same person. Anyways, great podcast guys.

almost ten years ago

Hello A8-bit User Poscasters!!!
Love the show! Keep on doing them!! I have just finished all 12 podcasts in a 1 week period, and they get better each time!!
Your format is perfect! You cover all the items I think everyone in the A8-bit world would like to hear about. You sometimes stray off the A8-bit line then right yourselves quickly and get right back on track.
Your interviews are awesome. The Curt Vendel was top notch. I feel bad that he has experienced negativity from the Atari community. I have read some of those posts and chastised lightly those users. I, myself, have always received great help and support with any question, or problem I encounter. I wish Curt all the luck and heath the future will bring.
Some commenter’s have said your podcasts are a bit long. Bull-$#@t! I could talk and listen to A8 topics all day & night! My book reading list as gotten quit lengthily with all you have reviewed. The same with my Atari website bookmarks!
Your “New Hardware” section is a tad weak. I suggest if you have not used it extensively, or know relevant details, do not talk about them. When you talked hardware, ie Atarimax MyIDE-II, one of you sounded knowledgeable the other, well… not so good…I was cringing.
Your Live Podcast was great fun. Please do that again sometime. Loved the triva bit. You should add that to your regular podcasts. I wish I could have attended the Atari Party in Sunnyvale, it was 15 miles from me. I posted flyer at work about it. But kid was sick that day, and the wife was on vacation with her mother in Mexico.
I can’t wait for your interview with Brad from Best. I work a couple blocks from Best, and regularly go there in person to get my orders (saves on shipping!) He knows A LOT about Atari, but is always busy. Though, he gives me advice, if I ask a detailed question.
One of you (I’m very bad with names) often talks about seeing new Atari stuff on This is a VERY HARD site to navigate, and search. I’ve talked to several people about it, and they report the same type of experience. Please explain, sometime, how you seem to easily maneuver through this site. The mazes in Zork seem easier. I find AtariMania much easier to use.

My Atari Story:
Got my first computer in late 1979, of course an Atari 800, 16K, CITA version. It was in a store with Apples, and Atari’s. They were demo-ing Star Raider, the Apelles in green screens. Done deal, my dad got me an 800, and a first gen 410 (sharp edged kind). The 800 came in a brown box and a shipping label (which I still have), not the classy silver ones. We purchased Star Raiders, but it was backordered. Took me 2 months to get it. When I got the 800 home, I hooked it up, plugged in Basic and read the Atari Basic self teaching book in one night, I was 14. But I had already learned basic years before in 3rd and 4th grade when my school had 3 TTY Teletypes directly connected to one of Stanford University’s mainframes. Somehow a friend and I ‘hacked’ accounts for ourselves, and learned how to write our one games, and play games on other user’s accounts. Then in between summer between 4th and 5th grades, my father enrolled me in a computer class at PARC. There I was, as I learned many years later, one of Alan Kay’s test kids for SmallTalk programming and Turtle graphics. I had my own Alto for 3 month!!! It was purple and named Sandy, if I recall, with my own turtle. The turtle would draw on paper, on the floor, what I programmed on screen with a mouse! Then in 6th grade my Middle school also got a TTY, and I showed all the kids, and teachers, how to use it. Then came the Atari 800, and I did not use the TTY again!! Paper printouts vs color high res graphics!! You do the math!! Then I wrote my own games, and applications. I could go on and on with more interesting tales with my 800 in high school, and beyond, but this is getting long.
Keep up the great podcasting!!!
If you need to contact me, please feel free; AtariAge or Atari-Forum username KLund, or
Many Thanks