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ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast

hosts: Randy Kindig, Kevin Savetz, Brad Arnold
twitter: @AtariPodcast


Oct 13, 2016

Monty Webb, APX Seven Card Stud

Monty Webb published one program through Atari Program Exchange: Seven Card Stud. The program first appeared in the summer 1982 APX catalog, where it won second prize in the entertainment category. He also self-published the program as Real Poker I, his publishing company was called...

Oct 10, 2016

Elizabeth MacRae, APX Mankala

Elizabeth MacRae published one program for the Atari 8-bit computers: Mankala, which was published by Atari Program Exchange. It first appeared in the fall 1982 APX catalog, where it won second prize in the entertainment category. 

This interview took place on September 13, 2016. After the...

Oct 6, 2016

Douglas Crockford: Galahad And The Holy Grail, Burgers!

Douglas Crockford worked in Atari's Game Research Group under Chris Crawford. There he created a variety of demos -- including Ballsong and Crockford's Trench -- and games. He created Galahad And The Holy Grail, which was published by Atari Program Exchange in...

Oct 4, 2016

Dewitt Robbeloth, AKA Robert Dewitt, Editor of Antic magazine

Dewitt Robbeloth, who went by the pen name Robert Dewitt, was editor of Antic magazine, STart magazine, and the short-lived II Computing magazine. He also freelanced for InfoWorld and other computer magazines. He was the editor the book "The Best of Antic...

Oct 2, 2016

Bob Smith: Video Pinball; Imagic co-founder; Sleazy Adventure

Bob Smith worked at Atari, where he created Video Pinball for the Atari 2600. He also wrote two programs for the Atari 8-bit which were sold by Atari Program Exchange: Sound Editor and Sleazy Adventure, which both appeared in the inaugural APX catalog, fall...