Retrocomputing podcast about the Atari 8-bit line of personal computers
hosts: Randy Kindig, Kevin Savetz, Brad Arnold
twitter: @AtariPodcast

On this third episode of Antic, the Atari 8-bit Podcast, we shop for Atari goodies at the world’s loooooongest yard sale, hob-nob with Woz at KansasFest, and interview the founder and publisher of Antic Magazine.

Links mentioned in this episode:


Special edition of Open Apple Podcast including Kevin Savetz

Arabic 65XE

World’s Longest Yard Sale

Better World Books

Floppy Days Podcast

Lotharek F7 Turbo Card

New Game Alien8

YouTube Video of Alien8

Vintage Computer Festival MW 8.0

Memories of Infocom

Atari graphics combined with real landscapes

Juiced.GS Concentrate: Interactive Fiction

Atari Sells Off Assets (

Terry Stewart (Tezza) Atari 800XL Demo at YouTube

Terry Stewart (Tezza) Atari 400 Demo at YouTube

Seriously?! Kickstarter

David Greelish “Historically Brewed” ebook

New Atari books scans at

ANTIC feedback at AtariAge

Atari vintage commercial at YouTube

Antic and STart at

Antic full-page scans at

STart full-page scans at

Louisiana Kitchen and Culture

Full Jim Capparell interview (1.5 hours)


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On this second episode of ANTIC: The Atari 8-bit Podcast --  we talk about our favorite books about the Atari, two exciting new hardware projects, the atari party, and why the worlds biggest department store is also the worlds worst.

Links mentioned in the show:

Floppy Days Podcast

Atlanta Historical Computer Society

Atari Magazine Archive

Atari Book Archive

Kevin's Book “Terrible Nerd”


Atari Vintage Commercial

Liber809 at Cloud 9

Liber809 Write-up at Byte Cellar Blog

Kickstarter for Seriously?!

Seriously?! Write-up at

Atari 8-bit FPGA

FPGA at Wikipedia

Atari Party 2013

GTIABlast Preview at YouTube

GTIABlast Web Site

“Terrible Nerd” Book by Kevin Savetz at Amazon

“Atari Inc.: Business is Fun (Volume I)” by Curt Vendel, Marty Goldberg at Amazon

Atari Books at

Atari Books at


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On this first episode of ANTIC: The Atari 8-bit Podcast -- we talk about the first Atari to be installed on a Navy submarine, two recent books about the Atari computers --- are there really millions of ET carts buried in a landfill in New Mexico?, and which Atari computer is the prettiest? All that and more!

Links mentioned in the show:

Floppy Days Podcast

Atari Magazines

Atari Archives

Terrible Nerd

Atari Dump

More Atari Dump

Atari Dump Interview

Rapidus Accelerator Board

Book - Atari Inc.: Business is Fun

Electronic Games Magazine

Book - Atari 40th Anniversary Special




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