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ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast

hosts: Randy Kindig, Kevin Savetz, Brad Arnold
twitter: @AtariPodcast


May 16, 2016

Ursula Wolz, early computing and education

Ursula Wolz was thinking about computers and education in the early days of personal computing. She worked on Apple ][ games for Children's Television Workshop, consulted for Atari Research on their endeavors in educational software, and taught Logo to some of the first...

May 14, 2016

Owen Rubin: Major Havoc, Space Duel

Owen Rubin worked in Atari's coin-op division from 1976 to 1984 — he is best known for his programming work there on Major Havoc, Space Duel, and Battlezone. He also served as a go-between between the arcade division and the consumer division, where the Atari home computers were...

May 12, 2016

Randy Glover, Jumpman

Randy Glover is the creator of one of the best games for the Atari computers, Jumpman, which was published by EPYX. He also created the sequel, Jumpman Junior, and programmed the swimming competition portion of Summer Games. Randy ported Jumpman to the Commodore 64 and created another C64...

May 10, 2016

Mike Silva, Syncalc

Mike Silva worked at Synapse, where he wrote the Syncalc spreadsheet application.

In this interview we talk about Ihor Woloseko, whom I previously interviewed.

This interview took place on February 11, 2016.

Teaser quotes:

"If I had put out a game ... it would have sold a few thousand copies and that...

May 7, 2016

Richard Lindgren, APX financial software

Richard Lindgren published two programs in Atari Program Exchange. Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis first appeared in the winter 1983 APX catalog, where it won first prize in the business and professional applications category. Strategic Financial Ratio Analysis was first available...