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Ted Richards, Atari Connection Magazine


Ted Richards was Editor In Chief of Atari Connection magazine, Atari’s in-house computer magazine; and was Marketing Communications Manager for Atari Home Computers, where he worked on print and package design, from 1981 to 1984.


This interview took place on April 19, 2015.




Atari Connection Magazine scans


40 Year Old Hippie Brings The Computer Age Home


Ted Richards’ web site


Teaser Quotes:


“Antic was a competing magazine, so to speak, at the time. I forget the editor’s name, he was quite a guy. . . [Jim] Capparell. He was always meeting with Atari executives, trying to persuade them to shut down our magazine.”

“So when the Tramiels came in, they confronted him and they asked him ‘Who are you?’ And Arnold says ‘Who are you?!’ And they said ‘Him we like. He stays.’”

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