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Rebecca Heineman, Racing Destruction Set and Mindshadow


Rebecca Heineman was the keynote speaker at Kansasfest 2015, where she told all sorts of amazing stories about her Apple II development work. She developed Tass Times in Tonetown, Bard's Tale III, Borrowed Time, Battle Chess, Crystal Quest, and many other games for many platforms. She ported Racing Destruction Set and Mindshadow to the Atari 8-bit machines. She won the National Space Invaders Championship, sponsored by Atari, in November, 1980.


I also recommend listening to her KansasFest 2015 keynote, link below.


This interview was recorded July 17, 2015 at KansasFest.



KansasFest 2015 - Burger Becky Keynote


Rebecca Heineman's twitter


Rebecca Heineman web site


KansasFest web site

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